Cleaning soft tops

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Jun 4, 2006
w202 Esprit.
My wife has an Astra convertible, and she's not a hairdresser before you all start. The roof has gone a bit green with moss type stuff on it. Can I clean it with soap and water, or is there a proper way to do it. I know this aint MB related, but she's related to me, and I have one! The process would of course be the same for all convertibles. Thanks
Hi Tim,
It depends what type of material the roof is vynil or faabric ??? you can buy a cleaning product from halfords or any good car shop they will give you a cleaner/conditioner and a preserver. Buy both as you will stop green stuff growing on it in future.
I have just cleaned my softop with this its a bit expensive but does the trick, having said that my top was really faded and needed to be re dyed hence why i got the full kit.

hope this helps


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