Clicking noise as speed increase.

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Jun 9, 2015
Mercedes Benz C200 CDI
I have recently purchased a 2005 C200 CDI Estate, with 69000 miles on the clock,plus 2 previous owners. It has been kept very well generally. It is a automatic and drives very well after having bmw 300D estate for 15 years from new. The problem is a noise ,which almost sounds like a speedometer cable whirring away. This sound is more prominent on right hand corners and straight ahead, but almost stops on hard left turns. I have had the front tyres and brakes recently replaced, due to their condition. However the noise is still with me. Any comments I would appreciate. Many thanks.
PS. I am really enjoying the car however.
Just a thought ....... a bit of gravel caught in a tyre tread will cause a clicking sound? Happened to me!

Cheap fix, too.

hand brake cable rubbing against the prop?
Clicking noise as speed increases

Very many thanks for your replies.

I had thought that, but the noise was there before I fitted new tyres to the fronts. I have checked for stones all round. Thanks.

Mark and Ted,
Now the handbrake fouling on prop shaft I had not considered. Will now investigate. Your help is much appreciated.

The parking brake cable in the vicinity of the propshaft is held by clips which have a habit of breaking.

You'll need to remove the exhaust heat shields underneath to see the cable.
Many thanks for the reason. You all have been most helpful.
Peter C.

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