CLK 200 CONVERTIBLE ROOF NOT WORKING 2009 (today's date is 13/05/20)

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May 13, 2020
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Mercedes CLK 200
Hello. It's a good one.....

My Dad used to own the car. He bought her from a Mercedes dealership and had the seats and door cards re trimmed in cream. That was 7 years ago. I mention this as I recently looked into the roll bar functionality to ensure this wasn't the root of the hood problem - to find that the front passenger seat - headrest spring system where the cable goes to the lower seat mech - the lower fitting is not on the seat. The re trimmers left it off!! (although the hood has been working for years since it was left that way) so perhaps it has nothing to do with it - maybe it does.

The hood occasionally didn't open right away, but usually did. On occasion when it didn't it was always because the car hadn't been used much. After going on a short trip - it then worked.

So - the current issue is - 2 weeks ago the hood worked fine. It has been sitting due to the fact that I'm working from home like most people at this time.
Then I went to open the hood and the windows go down, the mechanism whirs at the back but the rear tonneau does not open at all, and then on closing the mechanism whirs again BUT the windows do not go up (which they should). I assumed it was due to low useage and low power.

The battery on my car is 12v 100AH 760 A It is also original from 2009. (100AH! ) unusual. It is a petrol engine.

I had a mechanic look at the car and he used diagnostics to find a few readings but nothing that had a description in the database. He said it would not be relevent.

He then checked the battery power using the diagnostics and the amps should be running at 14. They were 13.7 at best. He said that I should replace the battery as the car will not run any 'unnecessary' systems if the power is low.

I ordered a battery which is recommended for the car. 12v 77ah 780cca rather than the 100ah. I am waiting for it to arrive so that I can see if that is the issue.

I have done the following - checked the fuses for the hood 40w 25 w also the hydraulic fluid level is not changed since I had the car - it's at mid way and moves around when operating the hood switch (I filmed on my mobile in the boot). The diagnostics show nothing. There are no lights on on the dash.

The only KNOWN issue is that the passenger seat cable connected to the roll bar actuation system is not connected (and hasn;t been for years).

Any other ideas?

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