CLK 2002 W209 auxiliary input

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May 23, 2010
CLK 2002 avantgarde

I have a Mercedes CLK 2002 avantgarde coupe W209. I'm trying to find the auxiliary input everyone is talking about to connect my iPhone.

Installed is command 2.0, exactly like this one and a CD changer in the glove compartment. Using the controls on the steering wheel I get the AUX option but that means nothing to me as im unable to connect anything to it. I've also read in some of the posts here, just cause I have a CD changer it doesn't mean the AUX is being used for that.

After reading this I thought i've hit the jackpot! Unfortunately having peeled away the carpet and plastic covers I didn't find the the Aux plug as shown here. Although I can see the green and yellow plugs, but cannot find the white one.

Does anyone know if the CLK 2002 avantgarde coupe W209 has an auxiliary input? if so, where will i find it?

Thank you.
The COMAND does. Audio-10 does not.

I thought all cars with factory fitted COMAND 2.0 had AUX, which is a 3.5mm small socket on the side (door side) of the glovebox near the front. If for some reason MB got stingy, then i'd expect them to have that intermediate connector in the wiring duct with nothing plugged into it.

So it maybe yours is a retrofit, or you just didn't see the AUX input (we get at least 1 caller a week who has not spotted the AUX in as it is so small)



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