CLK 270 cdi Starting Problems

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Sep 25, 2008
Chandler's Ford
CLK 270 cdi
I have a 2004 270 cdi which every morning takes about 10 attempts to start. If you drive it for a few miles then leave it for a while it starts fine - it seems to be if it's not used for 6 hours+. Local Merc specialist reckons it's the high pressure fuel pump seals and all the injectors would need replacing at the same time - about £1700! Anybody know if that's true? Thanks..
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I can't help you but...OUchh! £1700!

What's the mileage on it?
had the same problem with my c270 and my clk270 both times it was the injector seals leaking. It's a comon fault with that engine.
Thanks for that - do you know a good place in Hampshire to go to for work like this (non MB). I'm based in Chandler's Ford nr Eastleigh.
Try Olly (BlackC55) on this forum.

He'll sort you out.
Had same problem with my 270, it turned out to be the seals on the plastic diesel feed tubes. Only a few quid to get replaced by an indie and it's been right as rain since. Good luck.
CLK 270 poor starting


After checking this and couple of other forums it looks like I have this same issue with bad starting after being sat for a while, irrelevant of external temps, so I assume it is the o-rings on fuel line.

I've got a code of A6019970645 - any idea how many of these o-rings I need to order? It would seem tht asking mercedes dealers questions like this is anathaema as my local one did not want to tell me, they were only intersted in me booking it in for a diagnostic, no doubt for several hundred pounds.

I've not delved under the bonnet yet - mainly as it looks like a typical modern engine i.e where is the engine behing all this plastic and modern jiggery pokery!! (ooh give me a pinto and a webber carb :) )

Car is 2003 model with 95000 on the clock so used but not worn out - apart from this is runs like a dream (and gives me twice the mpg of my old v6 mondeo)

Hi. My 270cdi started today for 4 seconds and stop. So I try it again and did not start. I seek the problem and find that the fuel line was empty. So I "drain" it and started again. I could see the air bobbles in the line. Leaving off for few minutes the line was without diesel again, so I do have a leak (or is there any return valve). When opening to drain one of the connectors (fitting) broke. So I'm guessing that I need the o-rings set and one of the lines. I would like to know if someone can tell me where I can buy it in London???
Thanks a lot!
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