CLK 280 new A/C condensor

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Aug 24, 2013
Sl 320
Supply and fit £320 does this sound about right?
+1. Ask what the cost of the condenser is, though; you may well be able to find a Nissens 940100 (the correct part for your car) cheaper on eBay - like this one:

Engine Air Conditioning Condenser Fits MERCEDES Nissens 940100 | eBay

for £79.99.

I presume you've had the diagnostics done and confirmed it is the condenser - it nearly always is, but sometimes not.
The MB part number is A2035002154

What year is the CLK, so I can double check?
The A/C guy will fit a Nissen, he's diagnosed, will supply, fit and guarantee. (My preferred choice)
Fair enough.
Sorry I came across as a bit brusque, it wasn't ment too. :)
Not at all. :D

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