CLK 500 Upgrading Suspension

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Dec 20, 2015
CLK 500
Hi Guys, looking for some advice if anyone could maybe help :) I'm looking at changing my suspension on my 2003 CLK 500, old shocks are no good no more and I would like to lower the car at the same time. But the question is what should I get? Do I go for Bilstein Coilover Kit or some Bilstein Shocks and Eibach Springs. What would everyone think is better. At the same time I would like to keep the ride comfy too.
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Funny that you posted now - I'm also looking to replace the soggy shocks & lower the suspension on my 2005 CLK500 Elegance.

Since I want to keep the comfy ride as well, I intend to go for the CLK500 Avantgarde springs+shocks. It should be about a 10mm drop.

I've found the Sachs part numbers for the shocks (I'll post the numbers once I dig out my notes), but the springs are a bit of a problem. I've used EPC & the weight calculator to get M-B part numbers, but the helpful parts guy at Greenoaks Reading pointed out that they belonged to a completely different model. His suggestion - get the reg number of a CLK500 Avantgarde (presumably with the correct options!) & use that to order the springs.

An alternative is to use standard shocks/springs & fit stiffer anti-roll bars.

A word of caution - the sportier CLK500 suspensions use M10 drop links at the front instead of M8. Some drilling of the ARB may be required.


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