CLK and others sun visor mirror cover repair

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Sep 29, 2023
Malvern UK
CLK 500
This seems to be a common problem on many Mercedes models from the early 2000s. The little plastic clips break and the mirror covers fall off. There are a few repair methods online but they seem to rely too much on glue and hope. The original plastic pin is about 3mm diameter and 3mm long. I fixed it by drilling a 2.5mm hole, tapping it out to 3mm and then using a 3mm (M3) grub screw that was 10mm long. That method allowed me to adjust it to the right length but length is actually not that critical - and you could instead drill a 3mm hole and hold the grubscrew in with superglue. The key is the grubscrew, (available for pennies on ebay) it's almost identical size and shape to the original plastic.


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I'm a great fan of little home-engineered fixes like this one. Thanks for sharing.
I just glued mine shut,got fed up with lid hitting me across my nose when the sun tried to blind me and the vanity lamp coming on!
Got a rear view mirror to check to see if my heads fallen off.:cool:

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