CLK Diagnostic Problem

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May 30, 2011
CLK 200 Kompressor Elegance 2000cc W208 Year 2000
My CLK200 Kompressor, year 2000, has a 38 pin diagnostic connector. There appears to be no voltage at pin 3 (12v?).
Does anybody have any suggestions as to why?
Blown fuse?

Check these first then you will need to have a wiring diagram to see where the power comes from.

OK, Thanks for the reply. A blown fuse crossed my mind also, but it must be hidden somewhere as all the known fuses are fine, my thoughts were possibly a fuse in the ECU, but thats just a guess! Is it possible to get a wiring diagram for the CLK
Problem Solved

This may be of interest to anyone with a similar problem.
I removed the top cover from the diagnostic connector and found a set of hidden fuses with one blown. Replaced fuse and now have 12v on pin 3.

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