Clk drag link replacement

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May 5, 2014
Hi everyone new to the forum and need a bit of advice just bought cheap clk 320 c208 and need to change the centre drag link assembly . Has anyone changed one and does it clear the sump ok. ? Thanks for and help
Don't know about the CLK specifically but changing the draglink on the 450 was hard work. Needed a special tool as the standard ones were too tall and couldn't get on top of the joint. Had to dismantle the arms at either end and remove the whole assembly into the workshop.
Thanks for the reply tools not a problem as tech for 30 years but now rac patrol so will be doing it on floor and not a ramp but looks like it will be close to sump and not a lot of clearance
Ps know what you mean we used to use air chisel and gas axe , brutal but quick !
Done it on an SLK 230 Komp.

Not too bad a job so long as you can get the front reasonably high off the ground!

Wheels off, disconect steering arms from hubs, split the swivell joint from the pitman arm, unbolt the idler arm, slide the whole assy out through wheel arch, split off the idler and fit it to the new drag link.

Make sure you leave yourself enough room at the side to slide everything out.

Re-assembly is the reverse order. Don't forget to get the tracking checked. Even with careful measuring of the steering arm lengths, the tracking was way off!
On a W208 its tight but can be done in a couple of hours max, you will need a heavy duty balljoint splitter
Thanks guys will change idler bush at the same time if I'm taking it out

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