CLK W208 - flat battery - jump start? RAC member

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Aug 11, 2009
CLK 230K W208 Coupe (1999)(Auto)

So having been sat for a while my car battery is dead. I am an RAC member, but I remember from reading threads a while back that you should be cautious when dealing with dead batteries - jump starts or starting from a jump pack could be damaging.

The car is a W208 facelift CLK230 with steering wheel buttons.

If I call the RAC out, I think that the most likely thing that they will do is use a jump pack - correct? Is that potentially a bad thing, and should the battery be charged instead?

The option of charging is not really availble to me as the car is parked on the road, I don't have a driveway.

Any thoughts appreciated

If you have no alternative than to jump start it,swich your headlights on,this will help absorb any spikes that could damage the electronics.
The RAC should know the pitfalls and jumping can be done, with precautions..

I called out Mobilo because of a dead battery and the tech used jump cables with big spike suppressors (I think that's what he said they were), connected from his van to the car, started ok.
You could take the battery out and charge it indoors :)

How old is it? Could be time for a new one if it's more than a few years old now - cold weather might have finished it.
I've heard many times before the pitfalls of jumping, and the risk of SAM damage- but yet the owners handbook says it's ok. . .
Xenon headlamps I feel may not like the spikes....
Charging indoors sounds safest to me, and then get to a good and trusted parts place with a decent battery tester, and get them to check it out. Dare I say it, but a locak kwik-fit to me actually has a decent battery tester.
I've jump started cars many times and never had any problems at all.

In the early days of owning an L322 RR, I must have had to jump start it at least once a week and never caused any problems.

Maybe I was just lucky.
Its another internet exaggeration.... We jump start cars all day long and if done properly there are no voltage spikes and no damage can be done.
Though I generally agree with the comments here, I think the issue on some cars is when the car battery is so flat that it won,t even illuminate the ignition warning lights, and to be honest if a battery is that deeply discharged the car alternator would never get it fully charged anyway, and the only way to recover it would be put it on charge.
Thanks all. The door opened, it illuminated the dash but it didn't start the hopefully it'll be ok.
There is no problem with jump starting a clk with a battery pack and it wont cause spiking
The good old rac will probably ...........Test the battery .........Try to sell you battery........Give you a print out of its condition .

Well thats my exp of using the aa ,they send a battery assist van ( driver will be on some sort of commission for selling you a battery )

But he is obliged to jump start you free of charge.

The battery will be offered at a premium price ,but they will fit it for you

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