CLK W209 boot lid lens

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Mar 23, 2012
2003 CLK320 Convertible
Hi All,

Recently the boot lid brake light lens feel out, the led is still working, anyone know where I can get just the lens or will I have to buy the whole led & lens together?.

PS: saw this post from a few years ago so it seems to be a common fault:-
Its an all in one unit. Common problem. About £80 from the dealer. They told me they had changed the design slightly to reduce the chances of it happening again. Personally I could not see a difference. Fiddly but not difficult to replace.
Yep a known fault caused by people slamming the bootlid down.

Might has cracked and ive lost a couple of LEDs. im thinking of fitting the SL63 AMG clear version to mine :)
Do you have the part number for the clear rear boot mounted brake light please killer hertz?
Thanks guys ordered one from Dronsfields.

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