CLK W209 Car Mats 2005

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Sep 9, 2023
CLK W209 Sport
Hi to all, new member here. My AMG original car mats are past their sell by date, told by local dealership in Guildford that CLK mats are no longer available. A search on-line throws up just to many cheap substitues. So anybody here recommend a supplier that hits the OEM spot for CLK mats? Thanks
I've been really impressed with these. Yes they are a bit thin but they stay flat and don't curl like cheap mats. Overall the quality is really good. They don't slide about, the edgings are finished really well. They fit perfectly using the 2 buttons on the drivers side, are exactly the same shape as the original Mercedes. Made in the UK, and at £17.49 delivered price makes them incredible value. The light grey in the link has been replaced by a dark grey but frankly that probably works better even with a light coloured interior. Fits Mercedes CLK (W209) 2003 - 2010 Fully tailored Luxury Grey car mat set | eBay
Have similar mats in my CLK for around 11 years still good.

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