CLK230K Running problems

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Andy Siebs

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Feb 15, 2017
Clk 230K

I have a 1998 CLK230 kompressor that I am having problems diagnosing what the problem is.

The car itself starts however there is no power and when you try the accelerator, the revs never rise above 2.5k. The kickdown had started not working about 100 miles before the main problem but ist almost as if the car is restricted in running fully. I have tried resetting the ECU incase it was in limp mode but had no success.

I have had 2 garages look over the car and hook it up to a diagnostic machine. Neither could pin point an exact problem. One touted that it was the compressor/supercharger part. The other has suggested changing the injector plugs may solve the problem.

Has anyone had similar issues or maybe able to suggest a potential solution?

Many thanks in advance
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Welcome to the forum Andy.

I am guessing neither garage you have taken your car to for diagnosis is an MB indy?
It really needs a STAR diagnosis (MB's own diagnosis system) and the fault codes read to find out more.

I would weigh in with a MAF sensor fault, your symptoms are typical, but as I say, it needs STAR and someone who knows how to interpret the codes.

Where is your location so someone may be able to recommend a good indy?

Edit...just too late with my reply.
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As per AMGeed, get it on STAR or...throw loads of parts at it from a new MAF to changing a blown Mosfet in the ECU.

Whatever you decide to do you'll need the diagnostic fault codes for starters, even using a generic code reader would be better than guessing what's a fault. Also, it's highly unlikely it's the supercharger itself and the S/C clutch and bypass valve don't tend to give problems rule of thumb and that goes for the injectors and wiring too.
Sounds like the MAF. After 9 years the wife's 1999 SLK230 had the same problem. I thought it was a supercharger problem as it was extremely flat and the gear changes were irregular. A new Bosch unit from ECP transformed the car and was half the price of the same Bosch unit with merc emblem from my local stealer.

Interestingly I had to fit a new MAF to my C230 V6 last year. Again the vehicle was 9 years old, was running fine but didn't seem as spritely as it used to be. My indie hooked it up to Star and confirmed that the MAF was out of spec. Again it transformed the performance and fuel economy.
Have that MAF checked before throwing parts at it. Live data and a simple multimeter should do the trick

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