CLK240 209 Headlamp bulb upgrade

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Oct 21, 2021
CLK 240
The low beam head lights seemed a bit dim on my car so thought I would upgrade.

I had already polished the lenses using the T Cut special polish and sealer.

I believe 55W is legal max and did not want to spend too much.

The bulbs are H7 and found the Lucas Light Booster on Ebay for £12.99 for a pair.

Lucas H7 477 LightBooster 150% Up to Brighter 12V 55W

Halogen Headlamp Light Bulbs (PAIR)

They arrive quite quickly.

Covers came off easily, but instructions in handbook do not match the lamp holders.

The instructions say to turn bulb to remove from holder, but whilst this is correct for removing holder/bulb from lamp unit, but you need to gently prise the bulb from the connector.

Make sure you dont touch new bulbs glass.

Be sure to make sure holder fully engaged with lamp unit when refitting.

I definately noticed an improvement in illumination, so worthwhile.

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