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Jan 6, 2004
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Hi folks, as promised here are some pictures of my recent trip to Bremen to pick up my CLK320. The trip was absolutely fantastic and I would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone else who orders a new car. Plus, the brucie bonus was we got to see a new SLK in the flesh, and it looks much much better than it does in photos, so much so, that we may even consider one in a couple of years to replace our Mini Cooper :)

The factory tour was really interesting - even the better half was interested and she was convinced it was going to be boring! We got to see the welding factory with all of the robots spot welding the different body panels with unbelievable precision. We then went to the SL factory to see the SL's being built on the assembly line. All added to the anticipation of taking delivery of the car. We had the option of receiving the car before the tour but we were glad that we resisted, as it just really rounds off the time spent at the collection centre and on the tour to finally pick your car up and drive it away.

After the tour had finished we had to wait only 15 minutes before our name was called. Getting to the collection centre early allowed us to book a really good time slot. We were able to look through the glass windows and spot our car (which was right next to the window in the corner) - but unable to get our hands on it until our name was called. Agony! However, the wait was worth it! The guy spent about an hour and a quarter taking us through the functionality of the car. Many people came and went and we were still there! Still, they didn't rush us and said take as much time as you need before you set off. Once the guy had finished, we sorted a few things out (adjusting seat, toilet, last drink, etc) and then drove out the building.

The trip back was was quite easy thanks to the sat nav - it really did save our bacon a couple of times, especially as our 'backup' map didn't have enough detail and around Dusseldorf and Antwerp we would have definitely gone wrong without it! Felt like I'd got my money's worth :) Derestricted autobahn's were far too tempting - topped out at just over 120mph for a fraction of a second before coming back to my senses and realising I still need to take it easy for the first 1000 miles! Still, I'm sure it'll be ok ;)

We covered 540 miles to get back to the dealer in Portsmouth. All in all, it was a great way to get comfortable with the car and its various options. I must admit, I didn't want to give it to the dealer to get all of the UK specific stuff done (Tracker, UK Registration, Road Tax, etc). Still, picking it up again tomorrow at 10:00am. Time to get excited again...

Hi-Res Pictures

These are just a sample of something like over 60 photos I took, although admittedly not all of the car!!


Slightly blurry picture of the rear! I think I may have been shaking too much...


Side view showing the car and view of the building where you take delivery.


Front view looking all new and shiny!


Interior view with me squeezed in the back trying to take it. Note the new ventilated seats!


Front view with doors and boot open and the missus sitting in the passenger seat although a light was shining just where her face is!


Side view with doors open and Rachel looking at me as if I'm possessed with all the photo taking...


Side view looking all lonely.


We stopped at a designated parking place to get the hotel map out of the boot.


Rachel posing by the car in the car park of the Schlosshotel Wilkinghege near Munster.


The Schlosshotel Wilkinghege. Note the roof of the CLK just to the left of the main entrance.

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