CLK320 Newbie - indy in/near Norfolk?

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May 15, 2010
Old Hunstanton, Norfolk
W209 CLK320 Elegance
Hi all,
Have recently changed my car for a 2004 CLK320 Elegance. Very happy with the car's overall condition, ran fine on test drive & has the Behr radiator. Lowish miles (63k) and stamped up service history.
Since collecting the car from an independent dealer two issues have arisen. Firstly the clicking behind the dash from an aircon flap actuator, secondly, twice now the car has refused to engage reverse gear or change gearbox modes until it's turned off & back on. Reading around this suggests the auto 'box going into a limp home mode.
I am discussing both isses with the supplying dealer, however I'm more interested in having both issues properly sorted so would appreciate any recommendations for a good independent specialist in the North Norfolk area who can sort these problems. I'm prepared to travel further afield if I need to.
Thanks in advance,
AMGeed, thank you for the recommendation; I had considered him already having seen his replies to previous aircon problem threads, but he is quite a distance away.
I'd also considered the specialists just outside Ely, or the place in Swavesey as I have family who live almost opposite :)
Anyone got any experience of either of these guys?

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