Clk55 Amg £5995

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Apr 25, 2005
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Looks like the credit crunch is taking its toll even more...£5995 for a CLK55


What do we have here?

- Silver
- Rust ??
- 140k - History?
- Black leather - Dirty?

Might be a good buy for someone?
It's cheap enough alright, I guess as a long-term prospect you're better off paying £2k more for a low mileage/better specced minter though.

C43s for £3495, E55s for £3300 and now CLK55s for £5995 - credit crunch + high fuel and tax costs have really taken their toll.

Just down the road from me, might have a look.

Amazing how many car dealers don't bother clearing crap out of the cars they sell or can't afford £50 for an adequate digital camera!
not seen such a high mileage CLK55 before
Plate relates to an C220 CDI (2008 model)...Otherwise could have got a VIN printout for potential buyers.
its about right, CLK 55`s seem to fetch about 20% more than an E55 for same spec/mileage etc
not seen such a high mileage CLK55 before

I've seen one higher! It was on ebay about a year ago, had over 150K miles from memory, back then the seller was after £7/8k IIRC.

Think it was older than this one though, maybe around a 'W' plate.

Seen a fair few with over 100k.

I guess 140k miles in 7 years (20k PA) is unlikely to be town driving, so in reality the engine/gearbox/suspension/trim etc should be in similar condition to many with half the mileage of the same age.

I'd still prefer a lower mileage one though for future resale :)

No COMAND either, once you have had it you cannot live without it !!! A bit like parktronic..
No COMAND either, once you have had it you cannot live without it !!! A bit like parktronic..

Is COMAND really worth it? i've never seen it before and would appreciate your thoughts. I would never buy a clk without parktronic again.
I wouldn't be pay much of a premium for a car with COMAND fitted, but the dash looks better with it IMHO - an aesthetic thing really IMHO.

We have COMAND in my C but not Mrs D's ML and the empty DIN slot looked a bit, well empty. I replaced the standard head unit with a Becker Mexico, and whilst the slot is still empty it looks better somehow?

If you actually intend to use sat-nav regularly there are probably better products out there, but they won't look like they're meant to be there in the way COMAND does.
COMAND does give me a nice integrated solution in the S, but I would walk away from a car without it, no, I dont really need it so I would not be that upset if it wasnt there, I know there are some die hards who swear by it, horses for courses though, however I think a W220 dash looks empty without it, I also prefer the W210 and W208 dash with COMAND, what I dont like is that you can now get integrated double DIN units from large manufactures for much less so COMAND is not the only option, if I want TV in the S for example it £100 - £500 for the tuner and then £400 to fit it, then if I want to play MP3s or videos I have to buy more equipment. what I really want is an in-car PC, they now have units with dedicated operating systems (modified linux) with touch screens and SAT NAV, they costs a lot less and do a lot more, no brainer really,

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