Clonking and popping noises

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Sep 5, 2005
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I had 4 new tyres fitted Friday, so got a full laser alignment done and the same time.

However, now I've noticed clonking and what seems to be a popping noise coming from the front near-side corner, in addition to the other mystery noise issue that the car has been suffering with!

I've only had the car a month and it's already driving me mad! Hopefully, the garage that sold it to me can get things rectified.

I guessing maybe a bush or similar might be at fault for the clonking, although I don't see why it should start after alignment adjustments.

As to the original wailing/howling/rubbing noise, which was originally put down to tyres, they're going to look into doing a wheel bearing.
Often when a vehicle with tired bushings is jacked up for a tyre change the extra strain on them at full droop can finish them off.
So, issue more likely caused by being jacked up rather than adjustments made as part of the alignment?

Should 'tired' bushings get noticed during a pre - delivery inspection or comprehensive service?
I cannot comment on garage inspections. My friend who mot's my cars is very good at finding 'play' in suspension components. If the car is checked over on a wheel free lift such as a two poster it's often hard to detect as everything is under more tension or compression!
I was trying to find a link between the new tyres being fitted and the onset of suspension noise and have found this can occur sometimes and can only put it down to that reason.
I guess it's something else that the garage can check whilst they're looking at wheel bearings. Talking of which, is it possible that an issue with the suspension could cause a noise (I've previously described as wailing, but think might be more like a rubbing sound) that becomes noticeable around 20-30mph and seems to alter with speed?

I've had a garage look at the car, but they reported that the bearings seemed alright, that is, they couldn't detect any play, and put it down to tyre noise, as one was scalloped, hence getting 4 new tyres and alignment done.

I'm desperate to get to the bottom of it, as it's ruining my enjoyment of the car. :(

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