Clouding in Black Metallic Finish Paintwork

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Dec 7, 2013
C220 CDI Sport
My question is really aimed at those who are expert in the area or those that have had experience in a similar matter. As a former owner of Silver Metallic C220 CDI Sport, I see the attraction of cars with Metallic type finishes.

Am very close to purchasing a low mileage 07 Class C180K Elegance in Obsidian Black. Generally the car drives and looks good in every way. Have been lucky to see the car in direct sunlight where I noticed a number of minor paint issues.

However, on closer inspection on some panels there appears a kind of clouding effect with some very faded spottling(darker shaded spots) within it.

Note: this clouding can only be seen when looking at it at an angle in direct sunlight. I pointed this out to the seller/dealer and she said it was probably just moisture?????

The car had recently been washed and there was evidence of car wax between some of the trim so it obviously had been recently waxed. I have checked relevant history and there has been no accident damage insurance issues reported.

My Questions...
What would cause the 'clouding' effect and can it be fixed?
Is it a fault that could have originated during manufacture?
Is it something that develops over time?
Should I walk away?

Would very much appreciate some good advice.
Without seeing it, it's difficult to say.

Given that you're concerned enough to post about then I'd one of two things:

1. Ask the seller if they would mind attempting to polish it out - just in a small area, to see if it improves.

2. Walk away and find another, there are plenty out there.
Probably been painted and it has been de nibbed ,flattened and polished afterwards ,it will hav fell back and probs just need a quick buzz over with machine polisher or lots of elbow grease with a cutting compound

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