Cls 220 200hp?

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In diesel, there were three variants. The 220, 250 and 350. The 250 has now been dropped from the lineup, so we have the 220 and the 350.

As far as I know, the 250 was about 204bhp while the 220 was 170bhp (ish).

On checking autotrader, both the CLS220 and 250 are listed as having 201bhp, yet other websites show the 220 being around 170 while the 250 is 201.

I'd say it was either a mistake, or autotrader trying to generalise.

(Remember that most car dealers actually don't know that much about cars. When I asked a Motorpoint dealer if he had any mark V Mondeos in stock, he replied that they only sell cars that are two years old or younger. The mark V is the current Mondeo).
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Why was the 250 dropped?

Don't know why for sure. I think the 170hp 220 is mainly for the company drivers. I don't know much about it but it falls into that affordble category.

But why take away the 200hp model? The E Class I believe still has that model.

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