CLS Auto boot closing, have i got a problem?

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Nov 27, 2004
65 Plate E350 CDI Convertible, 2006 CLS 55 AMG, 1997 C230K, 1999 C43/55 AMG
CLS55 AMG MY 2006, Auto boot closing is noisy, doesn't always close, starts to close put doesn't even go halfway an opens again, press the close button again immediately again and it will close fully and is whisper quiet.
I thought it might be detecting something in the way and aborting the close but I have tried to close it when things are in its way and it will close till its obstructed then abort so I don't think its seeing something in its way though I haven't got a clue what triggers the obstruction abort of the closure.
Possibly by voltage/current drop/increase of the motor which might explain my inconsistent closing if the motor is worn.
But still doesn't explain why its noisy.
Apparently there is a normalization process that can be carried out in STAR, but appears this is not applicable for the 219.
Anyone any ideas, suggestions on what could be the issue?
I have located a brand new complete boot closing assembly new motor drive mechanism, control unit etc for a price that I consider to be very cheap, if I decide to go this route anyone replaced this assembly before can advise on it replacement would be appreciative.
All comments advise appreciated.
There is a normalization process because I have done it for my W211 but I can’t remember exactly the steps. It’s was a bit fiddly compared to your standard STAR window normalization.

When I can get chance I will look around in the sim mode for the options.
Andy, might this be of any use?
Last section details the normalisation process, as mentioned above it's not straightforward ...


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