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    Aug 15, 2013
    CLS320 CDI
    The discs need changing on the car I'm looking at. Will be a good opportunity to see if I can get the larger discs in. From my initial enquiries. It appears a :

    2005-9 CLS 320CDI (CLS350CDI) has 312mm discs, 28mm thick (thanks Kenny), weighs 8.68Kg (Pagid 104220899)
    2005-9 CLS 350CGI has 330mm discs, 32mm thick, weighs 10.14Kg (Pagid 104220908)
    2005-9 CLS 55K has 360mm discs, 36mm thick, weighs 15.6Kg (Pagid 10422098A)

    The rears are the same non-vented 300mm till you get to the 55K/63 which are 330mm, 26mm vented discs.

    The sweet-spot I see is the 350CGI/500CGI. Gives the extra mass and diameter, without going to the expense and weight of AMG package. Not keen on increasing unsprung weight, an extra 7Kg of weight per wheel being spun around will be significant

    I haven't managed to find any online catalogues that'll let me check that the caliper is the same but with a different carrier, which will allow for the change from 312mm to 330mm at minimal expense.


    • Anyone know what I'm looking at is feasible ?
    • A link to an online catalog with part numbers and diagrams ?
    (Want to check the carrier, calipers and master cylinder)


    (please avoid discussing the merits of a "diy" upgrade, how MB spends millions on development - this is a book exercise at the moment so that I can make an informed decision)

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