CLS Facelift NTG5.1 Android Auto and Apple Carplay (2015 car)

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Nov 4, 2022
Mercedes CLS350d AMG Line Premium Plus Shooting Brake
Hi, I have seen various threads on this, but I can't find one with the definitive answer on how to do this upgrade.

I have a September 2015 (65) CLS350d Shooting Brake with NTG5.1 and COMAND. It doesn't have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay enabled, but I'm aware there are a couple of things that can be done to retrofit this using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, etc. Companies like "Comand Online" and "Braybrooks" will do this but they're charging around £4-500 and it's a lot of money when you consider the only hardware change is a USB port. My understanding of it is this:

  • Change the USB port to the later version with the smartphone and external screen picture on it. I believe the part number to be A172 820 2000, but there are others, such as A172 820 1600 so I'm not sure which is right. I got the former from my Mercedes-Benz dealer.
  • Enable the feature in the head unit using engineering mode. I'm unclear if the OBD port comes into it at this point.
  • Update the MB central database (XEntry?)- but I can't do that.
The dealer won't touch it as the option code isn't on my car (14U - Smartphone Integration Package). I was going to email them the link to what I have but I think I'll probably be barking up the wrong tree as they've all told me it's impossible.

I know for a fact it is possible and have been quoted a price, but I was wondering if anyone has attempted a DIY install and if so, what was involved? Happy to go with an external firm if necessary but the price just seems a little steep for what I understand to be involved. Maybe someone can correct me!


You'll want the latest firmware installed on the unit as-well - early firmware was ropey on CarPlay and more so on Android Auto !
Thanks. So will a dealer update to the latest firmware? Presumably the software is already on it, just disabled. Presumably dealers can add the option codes, but just won't. Why can these companies do it if the dealer can't?
The working software is in the latest firmware, and it is turned off or on (during the coding process with online Xentry) depending on what is licenced for the vehicle. The early software Android Auto didn't work reliably, and CarPlay was OK but had esoteric issues (which is why early ones came with CarPlay and not AA)

Dealers wont just add the codes, theres an official retrofit procedure which is what Comand Online does, which involves properly licensing (i.e Mercedes pay Apple the licence fee !!),

Dealers don't do retrofits generally - more profitable servicing the car and charging you book labour times and bonusing the staff for completing the jobs more quickly - can't do that with software updates, map updates, or bespoke stuff ..

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I had this retrofit carried out by my main dealer for the price of the hardware.
I have attached a document from Vdoc, It is an excepted MB retrofit
Main Dealer Pt.No. for this retro fit is A 246 820 3800 "Smartphone Intergration Package, COMAND online" (Option Code 14U)
This has all the details youre main dealer or indy (with online access to Xentry) needs to carry it out for you.


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How on earth did you persuade your dealer to do a load of labour for free (firmware updates, datacard updates, and install the hardware) !!
Thanks, that's informative. My dealer was adamant that if the option code isn't on the car, they won't do it. I will email them that info. I would have no problem using a company to do this, but I'm trying not to spend too much money at the moment and this seems like something that shouldn't cost as much as it does if it's mainly software.

I totally get the licensing side of things for CarPlay, but ironically I have an Android phone and only need CarPlay occasionally!
I took my car in for a service and sent the above PDF to my dealer. They quoted me £619.59 to do this!

Parts only substantially less, but I suppose that will lack any software update.

Any thoughts on the possibility of a DIY job?

What about a dealer who will do this cheaper?
You can certainly shop around and compare quotes....

I don't know how difficult or easy it is to fit the parts, but SCN coding and firmware updates require Xentry with online access, and this is not a DIY tool and the task can therefore only be done by a dealer or by an independent specialist with genuine STAR and active subscription.
Thanks. Looks like I'll be doing this via an independent specialist so far, unless there's a dealer out there willing to do this for less than I've been quoted!

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