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Sep 20, 2023
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Hi, On the advice of this forum and in search of a smoother ride i have changed my 19 wheels for 18s. I now have 4 AMG Multispoke wheels i intend to sell.
I am not an experienced user of ebay so i was hoping for some advice on pricing? The wheels are 7 years old off a 30,000 mile car thats always garaged, 3 are in excellent condition the other has a small rim marking and has been professionally straightened , all are fitted with roughly half worn Pirelli P Zeros. As is usual for a CLS they are 8.5x19 Front and 9.5x19 on the rear.
Any guidance would be appreciated......a dealer wanted £ 939 for one wheel!!!
Probably about 400 quid?
I know you've said one new wheel is over 900 quid, but they are 7 year old second hand wheels and tyres. Good luck. 🙂🙂
Thanks for your reply Smart AMG, I must confess i was hoping for more than that but i have no idea of the market for second hand wheels.
If the offset is specific to the W218 then they may only fit that particular model without faffing around with spacers plus they are also wider at the rear which again may limit your potential buyers.

Best thing to do is pop them on eBay with a sensible reserve and see how they go , they are only worth what someone is prepared to pay.

Remember to list all sizes including the offset which will be stamped "ET" on the inside of one of the spokes.

Thank you for your reply KennyN, I will check the offset and do as you suggest, as you say they are only worth what someone is prepared to pay for them, but 3 of them look brand new.
The problem with buying second hand wheels is that without checking them on a wheel balancing machine there is no way to see if they are buckled or possibly have a hairline crack and not holding air , regardless of how they look from the pics.

If i am honest , most people would take a punt on a new set of aftermarket wheels for a few ££ more than a set of seven year old OEM wheels.

An option may be to sell them as "singles" to have as a spare or to replace a badly damaged wheel already fitted to a vehicle.

Thank you for your reply KennyN, I will check the offset and do as you suggest, as you say they are only worth what someone is prepared to pay for them, but 3 of them look brand new.
Can you send me some pics? I know someone who may be interested.
Hi Clk 320x, Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately, I haven't got the required post count to Pm you. Not sure how to send them to you?
Trying to attach pics on here. I hope this works. Front Wheels 8.5J 19 ET 34.5

Rear Wheels 9.5J 19 ET 48


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Does not work for me....
Try again :

Pic 6 Shows the only damage on the outside of any wheel, This wheel was also straightened by Silver Wheels at Poole. Hope this helps


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Just a quick update and thanks for all the advice. I put them on eBay for £650 pounds , a couple of days later a guy rang and offered £450, i said £500 and that was the price agreed. He picked them up the following day. Maybe i should have waited until the end but i was aware of the advice on here re value of second hand wheels so took the offer. Indecently, my new 18s are quieter and more comfortable.
OP - appreciate you closing the loop. Educates "the rest of us" and shows appreciation for the members that took time to input and help.

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