CLS X218 spare wheel well subwoofer

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Jul 26, 2021
CLS 250
I have a 2013 CLS estate with the standard sound system and Command 4.5, and I am considering a subwoofer to round out the music at normal listening levels - not going for eardrum bursting bass. The Harmon Kardon system comes with a subwoofer that is shaped to fit into the spare wheel well around the spare wheel, where I have a gap and some fixing studs. Occasionally these speakers crop up on eBay for £200 or so.

I'm wondering if I can simply install one. There is a thing that looks like it could be a discrete amp in the boot behind the wheel arch, which would make running a cable pretty easy. I don't know if these speakers are active or not, or if that thing really is an amp and if it can power a sub. The alternative would be a third party sub that I can maybe stick in the same spot.

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