Cls55 AMG for sale

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Mar 18, 2020
Milton Keynes
The number plate V55 CLS is the original plate issued when the car was new and will stay with the vehicle. I don't think there is a more fitting plate for the car.

I bought the car from an enthusiast near Reading who I remain in contact with. During his ownership he conducted the following work:
  • Removal of central exhaust resonator. The catalysts remain insitu. Sounds great.
  • Painted the front and rear brake calipers in Kawasaki Green (not to everyone's taste, including mine, but I have not got around to changing the colour. It has been well done and I will leave that decision to the new owner. At that point it would be worth replacing the pads).
  • Full set of aluminium billet pulleys and Gates heavy duty supercharger pulley belt.
  • Painted headlight internals
  • De-chromed all trim (gloss black paint) and painted the door mirrors in gloss black.
  • Replaced the standard suspension links with adjustable units so that the car can be lowered / raised without taking the wheels off.
  • Had the wheels (original AMG II) refurbished and then finished in Shadow Chrome (one now has a small amount of kerb rash unfortunately),
  • Replaced the original steering wheel transmission switches with G-Paddles. I use these a lot and find the car much more fun to drive in manual.
  • Fitted K& N Filters
  • Replaced the polycarbonate headlight lens covers as the originals had crazed. This was a fairly major job which involved purchasing two (very expensive) CLS headlights and dismantling all of them before transferring the good lens covers. They look great and do not leak or condensate.
  • Replaced the existing stereo head unit with a Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB Carplay unit (I believe it is also Android compatible). At the same time I installed a reversing camera.
  • Upon stripping out the old cables, I discovered a previous owner had replaced all door speakers with high quality Focal Elite K2 woofers, tweeters and crossovers which are about £900 new at today's prices. As a fan of Focal home stereo, these were perfect for me and sound superb for a car installation. There are also two separate 10" Subwoofer boxes in the boot which have been semi-permanently but sympathetically positioned in order to retain the majority of the huge boot storage.
  • Rewired and repositioned two excellent and now sought after Genesis amplifiers as in my view they were poorly situated and at risk of overheating. I have had the mono amplifier refurbished (it was cutting out intermittently) by the Amp Doctor who was the original owner of Genesis Amps.
  • The steering wheel has been refurbished, reshaped and thickened by Jack at Royal Steering Wheels using Nappa leather and Alcantara. This has made a big difference in my opinion and feels smashing.
  • Removed the limo black window tints which did not suit the car (in my opinion).
  • Refurbished the alternator.
  • Replaced both main and supplementary batteries.
  • Replaced all valve cover gaskets as they were leaking (common issue).
  • Replaced a nearside lower ball joint for the most recent MoT.
  • Added leather diamond stitched car mats to the front which are much better than you might think.
  • Replaced the nightshade tinted rear light clusters with standard ones which are wrapped in Fly Eyes (completely removable if not to your taste).
  • Johnson uprated intercooler pump.
  • x pipe installed

It has Uniroyal Rainsport 3's and these have proven to be excellent, allowing for good traction in all conditions. I will definitely use Uniroyals again (although they are obviously not a hard cornering tyre). The tyres are only a few months old and have lots of tread.

I alternately fuel the car with both 97 and 99 octane fuel and have not noticed any real-time differences. I understand that these cars are happy to run with both. Previous owner had the car on a Dyno. The car ran a healthy 501 bhp at 6200 revs and 518 Ib/ft at 3000 revs. The power figure is up on the published numbers but I believe that these are conservative and strategically tweaked so as not to affect other model sales. Reassuringly, the car runs healthily with no smoke or rattles.

A previous owner has fitted the vehicle with an Expression bodykit (bumper spats, side skirts and boot spoiler) and this really sets the look of the car apart from other CLS's.

The car comes with the following service stamps:
  • 13/12/05 @ 9,874 by MB Swansea - Oil & Pollen Filter
  • 24/08/06 @ 19,565 by MB Cardiff - Oil
  • 09/03/08 @ 28,341 by MB Cardiff - Oil
  • 05/09/07 @ 37,015 by MB Cardiff - Oil, Filter, Brake Fluid & Supercharger Belt
  • 21/04/08 @ 45,277 by MB Cardiff - Oil, Filter, Transmission Oil and Brake Fluid
  • 06/11/08 @ 51,680 by MB Cardiff - Oil, Filter & Supercharger Belt
  • 23/06/09 @ 61,524 by MB Cardiff - Oil & Spark Plugs
  • 20/08/10 @ 71,851 - MB Brooklands - Oil, Filters, Brake Fluid & Pollen Filter
  • 20/08/12 @ 85,760 - EPS (Exec Performance Cars) - Oil & Serpentine Belt
  • 07/01/14 @ 89,672 - EPS (Exec Performance Cars) - Oil, Filters, Fuel Filter & Spark Plugs
  • 27/08/16 @ 92,714 - EPS (Exec Performance Cars) - Oil, Transmission Oil & Brakes
  • 05/07/17 @ 96,535 - Swains Garage (Bournemouth) - Oil, Pulleys & Belts, Brake Fluid
  • 04/03/18 @ 105,496 - myself - Oil & Filters
  • 15/06/19 @ 114,425 - myself - Oil & Filters plus near side front tyre (due to kerb damage)
  • 01/04/2020 transmission fluid and filter change (autoclass)

The car does have an exhaust blow on the passenger side near the car. Also has a small leak on the Airmatic system, this is a small leak however but will need looking at. Hence the price
I have the full V5, a folder with the service history stamped book, some receipts and the car will come with one key.

would like £6500


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