CLS55 M113K mpg results from recent trip

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Dec 11, 2008
Gateshead, Tyne and Wear
Just thought I'd report mpg in case of interest:
On motorway, reset trip to zero, cruise set at 77 mph all the way but had to slow for various heavy traffic sections: over 87 miles @ ave speed of 68 mph it did 26.9 mpg
Full trip including 30 min free flowing town driving at start and 1.5h free flowing town at the end with about 5h motorway (cruise at 77) gave 295 miles, 41 mph ave speed and 23.5 mpg
Reset trip and just very slow road works ridden town driving : 54 miles, 14 mph ave speed, gave 14.5 mpg
As usual I am pretty impressed. Obviously a 250 CDI would do double that but for smiles per gallon it's good value I reckon as long as you avoid heavy town traffic!
Also it is curious that my trip mpg meter consistently under reads by about 1 mpg (i.e. the 23.5 above was calculated brim to brim but the car said 22.6) - I have NEVER had a car do that, they always have been absurdly optimistic (especially diesels). Odd.
26.9mpg is pretty good.

The most I've had out of mine on a run is 29 (brim to brim) and despite trying a few times (for a little while) I could never get to 30. I start of been sensible then the flow of traffic changes my mind 😇 Around town I'm averaging 18mpg (think lead foot too) which I'm happy with as out of nearly all the other cars I've had while owning this, it's been one of the best one on petrol. I think the effortless low down torque helps but by far it's been better than most.

Enjoy 😎

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