Club Pedals - X166 GL350

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Oct 6, 2015
Here:GL350, BMW 335dx Gone: LR D4, BMW 520d, RRSport
Following on from this thread (yes I know it's a while ago :eek:) with the imminent arrival of my GL, I wonder if someone could post the link to where to buy the pedals and even the part numbers for the lit sills (do I need anything else?).

Many thanks :)
All available from your MB dealership
OK, thanks, didn't know if there were any cheaper suppliers.....which has been the case on the BM forum :)
I liberated the "club" pedals on my 202 from a c class coupe in the scrappy for the princely sum of 5 quid. The price from the stealers has shot right up from when the pedal mod thread was first posted
Holy moly.....just been quoted £97 + VAT for the pedals

....and £293 + VAT for some illuminated door sills.....:eek:

Was from MB Chelmsford, got to be better prices out there surely :dk:
I bought illuminated sills for my 203 from this company in the US, great price at the exchange rate and fast service. Sills were laser cut stainless steel, very good quality
Bought the pedals of eBay in the end from Germany and finally got around to fitting them.:eek:
Brake pedal was a bit tricky, but the advice on here (fit top, bottom, then sides) made it easier in the end.
Very nice addition to the foot well I must admit.:cool:

Next time I give the car a clean I'll get a picture and also some from the rest of the interior of the GL. :)

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