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    Hi Forum members,
    I have a E350 CDI Cabriolet (A207) 2011 first registered 03/2011 which is loaded to the max with additional equipment, however it has a mono instrument cluster. So I have been trying to replace it for a colour version, I did buy a replacement off of eBay, but as my 207 has distronic the replacement didn’t support it. I am not sure if the incorrect mileage of the replacement cluster has any barring on the missing menu items, but as everything else is available I doubt it. But it was perfect in all other ways. Once I get the correct cluster model version I will have it reprogrammed to match my current odometer reading of approx 52K miles.

    So, this is the specifics of my current instrument cluster:
    Sticker shows A212 900 32 10 ZGS 001 Q01 Manufactured 21.01.11 (mileage screen D on its side, mono)
    ICarsoft identifies it as 2129014400. HW status 09/44 00. SW A2049024102 SW status 10/32 00 Diagnostic 001407
    Purchased version:
    Sticker A212 900 43 13 ZGS 001 Q01 K Manufactured 15.11.11 (mileage screen full circle, colour)
    iCarsoft identifies it as 2129014202. HW status 11/06 00. SW A2049021203 SW status 11/15 00 Diagnostic 002906. With a recorded mileage of 44939.43 from the donor vehicle I believe to have been a E350 but not a cabriolet (I will be selling this cluster shortly)
    However this is missing the following features from the following menus:
    Assist - Pre-Safe brake & Blind spot assist
    Vehicle - Radar Sensor
    Two fault codes were reported by iCarsoft (B226629 & U010087) again this must be due to the mismatch in reporting the mileage as there is a discrepancy or approx. 8k.

    I am looking for clarification on the HW and SW version currently with my Mono cluster that supports Distronic with a colour cluster, or if you have a E Class colour instrument cluster pre face lift and you have distronic I would be interested in which cluster you have and the software version.
    I have tried to pursue this with Mercedes Benz direct but there are no options to support this. Thank you

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