Code P0269 1/2 G

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Jun 27, 2008
SLK 200 Kompressor (plus wife's 2006 A class)
The engine warning light came on in my wife's 3 yr old diesel A Class yesterday so I had the codes read. What came up was "code P0269 1/2 G", plus the words "cylinder 3 contribution/balance". Anyone able to enlighten me further? :(
Almost certainly a faulty injector, otherwise faulty valve.
Run a dose of neat injector cleaner through it then see.
Thanks very much for your suggestion. When you say "run neat injector cleaner through it", does that mean stick a bottle of something like Miller's into the fuel tank, or should I remove the injector and pour the cleaner through it? (Sorry to be so ignorant, but I am not up on diesel motors..:eek:)
The best way would be to disconnect the fuel flow and return pipes and run it from a bottle of cleaner, failing that run the tank low and add a good dose of cleaner.
Very gateful indeed for you sharing your expertise, Dieselman!:) I'll get a bottle of the stuff tomorrow and try your suggeted remedy :bannana:
Just to bring things up to date.....following Dieselman's suggestion I bought 2 litres of Redex (for diesel) and poured it all into the tank when it was down to reserve, and ran the engine for 1/2 an hour. The fault code was then erased using an OBD2 scan tool and when the engine was restarted, the "check engine light" went out :D BUT it came on again soon after :mad: so obviously the fault is still there, and I suppose that the next step is to remove cylinder 3 injector and replace it with a new one (cheaper from the Bosch Service Centre, perhaps?). Incidentally, we've had the car from new, and this is the first trouble it has given.
Does anyone have any experience of doing this job on the current type of A class diesel engine (W169 A160 CDI). There is quite a lot of info on the site about working on C class engines, and maybe that is relevant to the A class engines also, but although I have lots of experience with petrol engines, I have none with diesels.
Any pointers would be most gratefully received, plus whether it is a reasonably straightforward job, and whether any unusual tools are needed to get the injector out and its replacement in.

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