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May 18, 2005
Ok folks

the saga continues

Had my 60k service done 2 weeks ago on my W163
since then it has ran really lumpy...took it back to see what STAR said

Garage stated it had thrown up a MAF fault.....NEW MAF fitted and ran worse

Took it today to a great Garage in Cannock on way back from LPG service

He did a few tests and said that MAF was fine as it was showing 12 Kg/Hr and that anything from 9 - 11 was good

He also put coil packs and plugs onto ocilliscope

10 plugs were showing a 'double fire line' although a good burn time and the coil packs looked a 'bit dodgy'

As he had fitted me in as a favour he didnt have the parts or time to do the job

Question is

Where is best place to order coil packs and leads from

Am going to change these...thought maybe at 1st garage hadnt gapped the NGK plugs right or maybe hadnt replaced them at all...we will see

It also isnt showing any codes for any injector shut downs due to lumpy running

you think this will cure the problem or would you look elsewhere 1st
ANYBODY anything to add to this?

Noticed today that get a rhytmic tappic interference on the radio that increases with revs.....sounds like electrical arcing

is it a lead or coil breaking down against the engine

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