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Colin and Ewan McGregor fly an original Lancaster Bomber - Bomber Boys - BBC One

Discussion in 'OT (OFF Topic) Forums' started by Godot, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Colin and Ewan McGregor follow up their BBC One “BATTLE OF BRITAIN” with a film exploring BOMBER COMMAND, a rarely told story of WW2.

    The film will focus primarily on the men who fought and died in the skies above occupied Europe - with numerous examples of individual heroism and extraordinary collective spirit, and Colin will learn to fly the key aircraft of the campaign, the Lancaster bomber. But its also a story of a controversy that has lasted almost 70 years.

    The programme covers six years of wartime operations, and traces the obstacles, and challenges, that were overcome as the RAF developed and deployed the awesome fighting force that was Bomber Command.

    Bomber Boys

    Colin and Ewan McGregor explore Bomber Command, a rarely-told story from World War II.

    FIRST BROADCAST: 05 Feb 2012 :thumb::)
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