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Mar 9, 2010
Mitcham, Surrey
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I am the Workshop Manager for “Colin Ferns Ltd” and I would like to comment on the remarks made on this forum.
Colin does not deserve this; I am new to these forums and only discovered them after customers brought them to my attention.
Colin takes enormous pride in the work that is carried out in his workshop, often taking on work that other garages have struggled with. He does not pretend to be cheap as he believes that to do so would undermine the standards to which he aspires.
We all make mistakes and it would foolish of me not to admit I have made some so please all I ask is that I should take the blame for these errors and not Colin.
He gets extremely annoyed if he feels that a customer has been let down, and will usually do all he can to remedy any complaint as demonstrated by the removal of all labour fees from the invoice of the job mentioned in the linked thread.
He’s been known to drive as far afield as Nottingham, Gloucester and even Devon to assist a valued customer if he feels it’s justified.
Mind you, he doesn’t take kindly to people who expect something for nothing either!
Colin has many customers who have been coming to him for close to three decades and the business continues to grow year on year.
He has entrusted me to assist in the management of his workshop and I am doing my best for him and the customers.
It’s regrettable that we cannot achieve 100% satisfaction and probably never will, but we do genuinely aim for it.
So, Christoperwk, please do not be too hasty to judge from the comments you see here. It is well known that people are far more ready to complain than praise. Come and give us a try, anonymously if you like, and come and report back here.
I think you’ll find that we really do know what we’re doing, as indeed do most of the other Independents. We know you have a choice but it would be a shame to have you drive further than you need unnecessarily!
Incidentally, Colin doesn’t know I’m writing this and I suspect would not be too pleased if he found out.
I just felt it my duty to tell you how I feel.
I’m really pleased to be working here and I’d like to keep it that way!
Colin works on our cars , i never hesitate to recommend him to anyone if they are looking for a specialist in SW London.

I've told Colin about this forum many times and how i put his name forward if someone wants something.
Its certainly an industry in which you cant please all..
Every garage is going to get a bad review once in a while as everyone makes mistakes... sometimes customers are just unreasonable.

Good communication just helps i guess.
Colin did my headgasket on my W124CE nearly 100k miles ago now so he clearly did the job right I have to agree.

Stick around, have a chat and join in the banter, you never know you might have fun *and* grow your customer base at the same time. :thumb:
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