Collective noun for Mercedes

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May 5, 2004
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Having decided now not to sell the ML I have hopefully secured a second Mercedes. This brought about a debate with my wife concerning the correct collective noun for Mercedes. I said it should be a 'brace' if their were two. However, she who has various degrees, one of which is latin, claims that the origin of the word Mercedes is Greek and therefore the collective noun should be a Mythology of Mercedes.

Any thoughts anyone?

A Pride of Mercedes
most likely a fleet, surely?
Agree with Shude, fleet sounds better.
depends on your occupation, some of which are a little rare these days i admit;

shepard owning several mercs - a herd of mercs
gangster owning several mercs - a fistful of mercs archive of mercs
bank manager....a vault of mercs
accountant.....a balance of mercs
fireman...a blaze of mercs
florist...a bouquet of mercs
mechanic....a clutch of mercs
housewife...a gossip of mercs!!
Latest research..................

"Mercedes actually comes from the Spanish word for mercy
and is the name of the Virgin Mary - Maria de las Mercedes so perhaps a more
apt collective noun would be
'mercy of Mercedes'!"
this has become a warranty rust claims thread ..

Alfie said:
'mercy of Mercedes'!"
A Murder of Mercedes :eek: , as in what happens to the bank balance.

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