Collective Nouns.

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Nov 19, 2008
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So SWMBO saw 9 yes 9 magpies in our back yard today they were altogether in a :- TITTERING, TIDING, GULP, MURDER or CHARM* as more than 1 is known.

BTW according to the rhyme 9 magpies heralds a kiss.

There are some real off the wall Collective Nouns. Anyone get any good ones real or made up? Such as a "Wallet" of Bankers.
I thought it was a wunch of bankers!!

PS - IIRC it's a murder of magpies.
Funnily enough MrsA2 and I were having this conversation this morning in regard to glasses as I have to collect several pairs for re-glazing to a new prescription. Best we could come of with was an ogle of glasses.

BTW Have you ever seen a Magpie very close up? Their colouring is wonderful.
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My old French master came up with 'a bottom of cyclists'
A Vat of fraudsters
A trough of MPs.
A nursery of pedophiles
A drove of cars

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