Comand 2 DX.

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Stan the Man

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Nov 8, 2005
W205 C250d Sport Premium + Auto
I have just removed a Comand 2 DX Unit, Part No:
A203 827 52 42 from my much cherished 2001 C180.

I installed this unit myself in 2005 and it is unmarked and in perfect working order. I have recently traded the car in part exchange for a 2005 facelift C220 Cdi, so I removed the Comand and reinstalled the original Audio 10.

This Comand is suitable for installation into any pre-facelift W203 C Class/W209 CLK.

I can supply the GPS Aerial, Cable Harness A203 540 10 09, a selection of Navigation CDs, original MB Comand 2 Manual and Installation Instructions if required.

I am asking 450 pounds plus carriage charge for the lot.
Any takers. Still open to offers.
All sold except for the cable harness, £20 posted if anyone interested.

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