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Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Paddcomp, Aug 21, 2008.

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    I've seen lots of info on here regarding retro fit COMAND APS systems and despite being undecided on an after market double din sat nav, I'm considering installing a COMAND APS.

    The part number of the unit on offer is A2038703589, which I know isn't the latest standard.
    1. Are there any significant improvements to be from a later unit, no video output I'm aware of.
    2. What else do I need to complete the installation i.e. things I know of GPS antenna and NAV disc. Anything else plus approximate costs or p/n.
    3. Does anyone know of an installer who covers the NW of England, PR4 area. Also someone who can programme using Star.
    I'm considering the Comand as it would look better in the dash than a Kenwood and I could sell it with the car. Plus faults and operation are much more widely supported.

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    To answer your questions;

    1). Not especially but the screens on newer units do seem a bit better. The older 35 89 unit as you have indicated can be flashed to have the later firmware loaded.

    2). All you need is a navigation disk and antenna and some tools. A torx 20, a soft plastic wedge and a pair of pulling hooks are useful.

    3). I dont know of anyone who can programme in STAR in the NW. I will be not too far from you (I think) next week (with my STAR machine aswell) and could possibly do it for you. I'll PM you some details.

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