Comand C2 pin outs

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Nov 13, 2003
E430 AMGish
Can anyone tell me what do pins 4,7 & 8 do in the C1 connector for the comand unit.


sorry c1 pin outs

Sorry C1 pinout.........fingers not going where brain is telling :D

Nothing - according to the documentation that I have - but I'm sure they must have some useful purpose. Power for Bose Amplifier, perhaps ?

Pins 4 and 7 are used for the MB TV system. The pukka MB drawing shows pin 8 to be grounded.

For information:

C1 Pin out:
Pin 1 - TV Red (to TV tuner 4)
Pin 2 - TV Green (to TV tuner 3)
Pin 3 - TV Blue (to TV tuner 2)
Pin 4 - To TV tuner 10
Pin 5 - 0v to CD changer pin 1
Pin 6 - 12v to CD changer pin 2
Pin 7 - To TV tuner 1
Pin 8,9,10 - Linked and grounded by TV harness

The TV tuner also uses connections from C2

C2 pins to TV Tuner
Pin 2 - TV tuner 18
Pin 3 - TV tuner 8
Pin 11 - TV tuner 9
Pin 12 - TV tuner 17
Pin 17 - TV tuner 15 (can bus link to tuner)
Pin 18 - TV tuner 6 (can bus link to tuner)

The MB drawing showing the full Comand wiring layout (including TV, CD, Antenna amps etc) is drawing number PE 82.85-P-2100-99NC. At least I think it is. That's the only number on the drawing that looks like it could be the correct one.

Hope this helps.

Paul G
Thanks Paul that really helps. I am trying to make a multimedia adapter for command and guessed that these pins had somthing to do with Tv.

I can see the TV red, green and blue and guess that pin 4 must be tv ground used for reference for RGB.

If anyone else has had a go at this let me know how you have got on.

I have been inspired by a device recently auctioned on Ebay, how difficult can it be?

I'II let you know how I get on.

Bump this back up!

How did you get on Paul ??

I take it that the pin 4 or maybe pin 7 is the sync signal ?

This would be ideal as I would make a cable that runs to under the rear passenger seat into a female scart socket, then all you need to add is a PS2 which you can convert to 12v and you have games and dvd in one unit.
Whis pins carry the audio from the tuner, does anyone know ??


Gave up in the end with some complications that the input is switch via the canbus and I could not simulate the canbus signal

However you can buy a unit here

I ended up buying a MB TV Tuner on Ebay for the cost of the multimedia interface, the only thing left to shell out for was the antennas and cable.

The MB TV tuner has the ability to connect remote devices such as PS2 and DVD's.

cheers paul

thats the way I will go then



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