Comand causing battery drain?

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Overnight in some instances. I will try to PM you if your account will allow.
Hi all. Just to update this thread I have finally got round to doing the quick fix to the passenger seat controller. It took 30 minutes as I didn't have the right size connector at first. However it is all back together and is now working only when the key is in the ignition as it is supposed to.

Thank you all for the help and benzed up for sending the instructions.
Hi there - help! I too have the dreaded battery drain. I have isolated it to the fuse which operates the comand (fuse 54 - I think). I have the same symptoms as mentioned here, other than I had the comand fitted recently and so thought this could be the issue, now I am starting to think it is a coincidence with the seat module (though I don't have memory seats, they are electric).

I have a W220 on a 1999 plate. It had had a standard audio 10 for a number of years and no issues with the battery. I recently upgraded to a 2nd hand comand 2.5 and this works great, though since I have had it I have noticed significant battery drain (overnight a new battery drops from 13.3 to 10.2v) - I had the battery replaced by mercedes last month. It is a really frustrating issue. I have even swapped out the comand for another replacement thinking the comand may have been faulty - still have the battery drain. The current comand is setup with the telephone feature (even though I do not use this) - could these additional features cause a drain if they are not present?

Failing this, it could be the seat module. I am about to give up and let merecedes diagnose, but, I would rather save the money and find a fix myself. Is there anyway to further test and identify if the problem is with the comand / module? I guess I could remove the comand but leave the 54 fuse in?

Help please as it has cost me a new battery already and I am really frustrated as to having to drive with the 54 fuse out and not being able to use the comand. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you could post the instructions of your fix 'Trainer' it would be fantastic and so appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
I have checked my diagnostic menu on the Comand 2.5 and it seems that I have teleaid, telephone, and TV enabled on the comand even though I have none of these items available in the car. Would the fact that these items are set up on the comand cause the car to think that it is not able to shut these down and as a result the comand does not go to sleep (hence the battery drain?)? If so, would a simple re-config at mercedes sought this out and stop the battery drain?

If so this would be a simple solution, but, seems a bit too simple - the reason I think that this could be the cause is the comand is a replacement and has more features configured as it came from a s500 and my car is a lower spec s320.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Any chance someone can mail me the fix or post on here just got a C32 and the battery drains overnight, if I put my accumate on it in the morning the battery still shows empty but there is enough charge in it to start the car
Thanks Colin
Colin does your alarm work correctly? Just had a battery drain issue with my Clk turned out to be the alarm siren....just a thought.

Isolated it to the command unit after taking out virtually every fuse before getting to fuse 64, what in the command unit can be causing it when plugged in it all works perfectly
Is there a quick repair?

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