Comand DVD subs available in the UK?


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Jan 12, 2005
SE Kent
C220 CDI, Diesel Estate
Poached from MBUSA site

Navigation Update Subscription: an excellent value
By subscribing to the NavUpdate service, you'll save money over buying individual DVDs. Plus, your updated DVD will be sent directly to the address you provide, for even greater convenience.
DVD Navigation - Model Year 2004 and newer C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, CLK-Class, SLK-Class, CL-Class, SL-Class and M-Class.
(Also available for prior model year vehicles with DVD navigation)
Years Individual DVDs NavUpdate Subscription Savings
1 $275 $198 $77
2 $550 $389 $161
3 $825 $498 $327

Wonder if they will transpose $327.00 to £327.00 ?

Mind you it's all rather unimportant to me at the moment, my COMAND thinks it's out at sea (see earlier post)

Regards Paul.

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