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    Exclusive members offer: Qualifying MBClub uk members recive a 5% discount on all quotations for retrofits to their vehicles. Click here to see if you are eligible

    Comand (Europe) Ltd are the leading specialists in supplying and fitting Comand, Linguatronic, Media interface kits, UHI phone, IPod interfaces and much more. Using fully supported STAR diagnosis systems with full SCN coding we can retrofit almost anything that could have been supplied when the vehicle was new. We can even retrofit some features previously thought impossible. Continually pushing the boundaries with what we can retrofit, we have unrivalled access to some of the most authoratative diagnostic and retrofit resources around the world.

    Example pricing;

    Ipod Interface for W203(f)/W204/W209(f)/W164/X164/W251 £349 fitted.
    Ipod for W211/W219 £449 fitted.
    Linguatronic from £799 (vehicle dependent)
    Comand from £999 (vehicle dependent)
    Coding session £150 (will code anything possible except TV-in-motion)

    Members pricing 5% less than the above.
    Members only special deal on custom coding session £100.

    For custom Comand/linguatronic etc quotes, Please ask for your club discount after you recieve our quotation. We will check your forum ID with you and apply the discount if appropriate.

    Please email us on

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