Comand installs in Ireland/Eire

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May 5, 2004
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We are looking to travel back to Dublin soon to visit a valued customer again. If there are any Eire members here who would be interested in having some work done then, could they please get in touch.

I know in the past we have had some members ask if we could go to Eire and now we are going to!
Comand retrofit

Hi all,

just a quick reply to say that I can't recommend Alfie and co. enough - they retrofitted Comand-APS and the iPod interface kit to my '06 E320 recently.

It's scary to see your car's interior whipped out in the same time it takes to make two mugs of coffee, but later it all went back in without issue and the result is a Comand APS system that can't be distinguished from a factory-fitted unit.

If anyone is gagging to see it, PM me and we'll see what we can do to meet up - Dublin North or Meath would be easiest to arrange.

They might be able to do some other cool stuff as well - like turning on the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System which was present but not activated on my car. Obviously things like this vary from car to car, but these are the guys to find out and unlike some dealers, won't screw you to the wall for the privilege. As an aside - the TPMS flagged a slow puncture for me just last weekend, thanks to a steel screw buried head-on in the rear driver side tyre.

The only problem now is that the options list is full of lovely things I want to add to my car, many of which can be retrofitted - how on Earth to pay for them all? Step by step, I guess - next step Linguatronic...

Anyway, my hearty recommendation for Alfie and the team - looking forward to seeing you again, lads!


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