COMAND NTG1 repair/replacement

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Oct 25, 2010
I have a 2005 W220 S320 so my COMAND must be NTG1. A few weeks ago it gave me a message "Re-formating flash memory, do not switch off.... " Ever since then COMAND usually works fine the first time I switch it on in a day but on subsequent switch-ons the MB logo appears, then it distorts and then I get nothing but migraine inducing flickering lines and colours with all buttons failing to respond. The only remedy is to leave it overnight. Next morning it has recovered but has lost all stored destinations and doesn't know what country it is in.

Has anyone seen a fault like this? If so how did you get it fixed?

I got a service update from
but it didn't fix the problem and neither they nor would repair it themselves nor could they give me the names of any repairers in the general vicinity of London. (I am happy to travel to someone who knows what they are doing).

What now? I found two places which claim to fix head units
1. Car Audio Techniques in Brentwood Essex
2. Head Unit Repair in Fulham

BUT.. neither is MB specific, they seem to want to repair units other than NTG1 and they want me to remove and send them my head unit. (I would rather leave them the car at let them remove it and re-install it). Also they seem to be happier with faults like stuck CDS than the one I am describing. Does anyone have experience with these guys? Can anyone recommend anyone else who could fix my COMAND NTG1?

Alternatively I found this supposed replacement head unit:
Benz S-CLASS W220 DVD GPS, Navi Media System OEM replacement - Car Vision Midlands Ltd

It seems that you install it yourself. (The picture of their original unit they are replacing is very similar to mine except that in their picture the CD slot is at the top whereas in mine unit my slot is hidden and at the bottom).

Does anyone have experience with these units as a replacement for an NTG1 in particular? Do you lose any functionality e.g. steering wheel controls, CD changer, 14 or however many speakers I have? What about the sound quality? - I am happy to pay for good sound quality for classical music; if that's what I want should go for another double-DIN sized unit? Recommendations?
Sonds like it is the Comand unit itself that is the problem, not the nav processor in the boot. Keep an eye out on ebay for a NTG1 headunit alone. They do come up for sale.

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