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May 17, 2023
Many Saabs and an '03 CLK 240
Just wanted to say that I had need to get in touch with Mark at Comand Online today

Unfortunately he couldn't 'hands on' help me with an issue I have with my Bluetooth upgraded Becker Audio 10 but his advice was extremely useful and the email exchange very helpful. I know many of you have used Comand Online before but I thought our chat today warranted a @rich1068 👍

That is all ;)
I was there last week, getting the clock to work properly without it asking the Command Unit for the time, like a little kid. “Dad what’s the time? Dad? Daddy??? I want my daddy I know it’s not 8am coz I had my breakfast then, it’s not *pm as my Mummy would have read me a story before bed!”
I can now set the time from the dash menu, “Screw you guys I’ve got my own watch” Eric Cartman style


And they got rid of the Navigation menu for me too, as it doesn’t work with an Android HU, stoopid Mercedes, well I suppose when my car was born they didn’t have Android, they only just had Google,
Lots of love for them on here, but they failed miserably for me. An 800 mile round trip, 2 nights in a hotel, all for nothing, they could not do what they said they could.
Complete opposite for me, they said they could install the 2009 update MB had "forgotten" to install on my SLK and did. They said they could install front parking sensors, reversing camera linked into my NTG4 Command and sort out the HDD on my 2008 Command so it could handle updates post 2015 (while also installing the 2018-19 update) and did. All at an acceptable price as well. At least if they're doing something "while you wait" there's a decent pub just up the road that does good food, so even having to make the round trip from East Kent twice (they needed the S204 overnight) was OK.

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