Comand or Not Comand, that is the question?

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Jun 12, 2016
Mercedes E240 W211 2.6 petrol. 2002.
I'm trying to understand the sat nav/audio system in my W204 2011 facelift c class. In order to fit any extras like a reversing camera or map updates etc, I need to know what I'm starting with and what options are available withing a reasonable price scale. Could anyone enlighten me please?
As I understand it, the easiest way to tell is that if you have a slot for a memory card in the front of the unit, then it's Comand.

But for that matter, when you start it up does it say 'don't let Comand distract you'?

If it is comand, then I believe you can retrofit the reversing camera quite easily, and the fit is about £400 on the link previously shared.
As AMGeed and bazzabear said.

My W204 2013 started its life with Audio20 and Becker Map Pilot navigation.

It had the smaller 5.5" screen, and no SD-Card slot at the front. retrofitted COMAND Online NTG4.7 to my car, as well as the original MB reversing camera. I now have the larger 7" screen, and the SD-Card slot at the front.

The original MB reversing camera can only be retrifitted to cars equiped with COMAND; for cars equipted with Audi20, there are after-market (not MB) reversing cameras that will work.
Just to clarify a typo in my post - it's about £400 for the KIT, not the FIT. Not sure what it'd cost you to get someone to fit it.
Hi Guys,
Many thanks for the replies.
There IS an SD card slot on the front, plus when the unit starts up, it does indeed say " Don't let Comand distract you". I now feel a little foolish for not spotting that before, but this means a lot. Thank you.
No worries, I was the same, you're never sure when you first get a car.

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