Comand & Parrot Bluetooth Compatibility, Telephone Error & Linguatronic not working

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Oct 10, 2011
S320 L CDI (2001)
Comand & Parrot Bluetooth Compatibility, Telephone Error & Linguatronic not working


Firstly apologies for the long-ness of this, my main questions are highlighted in bold. Photos have been linked at the bottom, so you can see what is in my car.

I brought a 2001 (51 plate) Mercedes Benz S320 L CDI (W220) last October & it has been running great. It has nearly all the options available for this year & model. I had a free ‘Visual Health Check’ carried out at Mercedes Benz Dartford. The only things they found where things I knew about when I brought the car. (Cracked passenger vanity mirror, faulty driver side indicator in wing mirror etc.)

I have now got some free time to getting Bluetooth integration installed into the car. But have come across some ‘problems’.

When I brought the car, I knew it had no CD changer in the boot, which did not bother me as I have my music collection on my phone (I am currently using a cassette to 3.5mm jack for my music, but I can’t make calls like this). I assumed I could just use the cd slot at the front if I needed to. I later found out that this tray is for the Navigation CD only. (I still don’t understand why MB did this; it shouldn’t cost that much more to include normal cd features).

Car Bluetooth for phone calls & music

Initially I thought about buying this:
Benz S-CLASS W220 DVD GPS, Navi Media System OEM replacement - Car Vision UK
Then thought against the idea, its OEM, if it goes wrong, I’m probably going to be stuck & it doesn’t have the best operating system on it.

Then I saw this:
Halfords | Kenwood DNX-5240BT Sat Nav/DVD Receiver - UK & ROI
I do like the idea of it, but it requires a new facia for the car, which is about £200 on its own. I don’t fancy paying that much for a facia.
Does anyone know where I could get the wood finish (burr walnut trim) double din facia for much cheaper?
Or even another unit similar to this one. That can integrate fully with the car speakers.

So I looked into Bluetooth Parrot Systems. Mainly this one: Parrot MKi9200
Parrot - Hands free systems
Parrot’s web site says that it is compatible. I know that the steering wheel controls won’t work, but that won’t bother me, as it only means the volume buttons won’t work.
On Parrots website, I am asked to select from 2 options:
System – with active sound system (The car kit installation needs an adaptor with the reference PD0001100AA)
System – without active sound system

I have no idea if my car has this or not, how could I find out?

All I know is that my car has Comand control and display system (Code 352), with the fitted Nokia cradle in the arm rest (Code 854) & linguatronic (Code 390). No tuner for TV.
I have spoken to different stores/fitters; each has told me something different regarding this car needing an extra wire (£50-80). One has even said it is not needed.
Does anyone know if this extra wire is needed for the Parrot system?

Integrated Nokia cradle telephone

This is listed as a factory fitted option, Code 854.

I have a spare Nokia 6310, which I have put a working sim card in.
The handset still works perfectly like it was 2002. Can make/receive calls fine.
When I put the Nokia in the cradle, the Comand Screen displays Tel Error in the top left.
While in the cradle, I ring the Nokia from my BlackBerry, the Nokia rings, but I hear nothing on the car speakers.
If I press the answer call button on the steering wheel, nothing happens, the Nokia keeps ringing.
If I answer the Nokia by pressing its green call button the music on the radio continues the play but the call is active.
If I tap the microphone (in front of the rear view mirror) I can hear this on my BlackBerry, while the car radio is still playing in the car. I can’t hear the car radio on the BlackBerry though.
I have to basically shout, so that anything is heard on the BlackBerry.
Speak into the BlackBerry & nothing is heard on the car speakers.

Anyone have any ideas at what could be at fault here?

I think I may have a module missing in the boot; I have linked photos at the bottom of this.


This is also listed as a factory fitted option, Code 390.

Simply put, it doesn’t work.

This is what my comand looks like: S320 CDI W220/S320Comand.jpg

This is the serial number on the Nokia Car Cradle: S320 CDI W220/S320NokiaCradle.jpg

This is the compartment in the boot where the CD changer should be: S320 CDI W220/S320Boot.jpg

These are the 2 wires in the CD changer compartment: S320 CDI W220/S320BootWires.jpg


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