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Jul 17, 2007
:mad: Had someone seriously offer £1500 for a car well priced at £6995 today.

How i laughed....................................................................
Ok, OK.

I'll make it £1550.
the market is a slow as it has even been though, but that is seriously cheeky!!!
My wifes CRV is on autotrader at the moment. It is the best priced similar spec car there by £1000 and I have not even had a call yet.!!!!!
its really grim. No idea what the auction prices must be like
I think anyone with cash who finds a seller that needs to sell quickly could drive a fantastic deal at the moment.
It can't stay bad forever. Sooner or later money will start burning a hole in customers' pockets.....

Caravan sales just stopped dead for us about 12 months ago - stayed dead till July, did 2 sales in July, 3 in August. So while we're down on previous years (normally sell about 1 a month) things are starting to look a bit better - thank goodness!

I must admit - everything sold this year at the buyer's idea of a good price, not my idea [/cry poverty]
i get silly offers all the time...

someone asked if i would sell an 11K car for 8K today... told him I might do it for 10,995 if i was in a pleasant mood.
I think new reg's are down to the lowest level since 196? on the news tonight (credit crunch) would like a post 04 C Class sport coupe but mine is not worth a bean.

Complete August registrations here.
Very intresting figures

The Mini must be keeping BMW figures stable one would imagine.

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