Command 2003 C22CDI Classic

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Aug 9, 2003
North East
W209 09 220CDI Sport
Im planning to get Command Installed in my car, but a few questions:

1) Where can I get a command unit from at a reasonable price, dont mind second hand as long as its in A1 condition
2) How much should it cost me?
3) Can I get it to work with my steering controls?
4) What Parts do I need?
5) After installing the unit do I have to visit the dealer?

So as a rough Idea how much should it cost me in total if i fit it all myself

Any one fitted it in a 2003 C220CDI if so any advice and pictures are appreciated

Any Advise you can provide would be greatly appreciated

1) german ebay (beware of faulty comands without warranty there) or MBenzNL
2) 1100 - 1600 euro
3) offcourse
4) GPS antenna and C1, C2 connectors...or get a complete self install kit with adapter wiring to prevent having to cut and crimp connectors
5) only to get the nav screen in your instrument cluster activated (convenience feature)


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