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Jul 20, 2004
Last year I signed up for Cheap Energy Club - Constantly save on Gas and Electricity & this morning I got an email saying the gas & electricity deal I had taken out 5 months ago could be bettered.

I clicked through & found the deal I had taken in August 2014 could be beaten by 25% by the same company currently supplying me! There was one other company which was 6 quid pa cheaper, but I would face a £60 leaving charge

A five minute call to my current G & E supplier & I had the new rate.

Did the same for a non-computer using retired friend who has a much bigger house & utility bill & he switched tariff, staying with the same company but now with no leaving fee, & saved £587 pa! The deal he'd taken out was the best we could find available online in March 2014.

Defo worth a check.
Perfect timing, my fixed rate comes off next month, and I am now looking around.
If you have a fixed tariff deal you can switch company at any time within 49 days of the end of the contract without penalty. Energy suppliers are banned from charging exit fees when you have less than 49 days to go till the end of your tariff.

You can nearly always switch tariff within the same company at any time without penalty.
Cheers. I've just saved 25% too.
Thanks for the reminder.

2 of my properties are with sainsburys. Quick call has saved me over £300.

As an aside I've also just ordered some heating oil @ £0.37/l. This time last year it was £0.58/l and £0.66/l the year before that. Good to see consumers gaining from time to time.
Changed mine last week though still waiting for confirmation.

An estimated saving of £320+pa based on current usage. Going to start doing this every year now.

Incidentally, I used USwitch for mine...
Must admit I never thought I'd see energy bills falling.

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